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Healthy relationships

Humans are social creatures. We are designed to live and care for one another. Relationships come in different forms (intimate, family, teacher-student, boss-employee etc.). No matter what the form is, relationships are important because they can make us feel whole and connected. On the other hand, if not managed well, relationships can cause immense suffering. Learning how to have healthy relationships is an important skill.

Stages of relationships

Relationships go through stages from Attraction → Power Struggle → Communication → Co-operation, which can lead to fun and fulfilment. Or, from Attraction → Power Struggle, it can lead to Separation. With awareness and support this can be an evolving process, like a spiral, rather than going round and round in circles. Knowing how to navigate the stages in a relationship is crucial in keeping it alive and healthy.

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Stephen May & Anita Wacker
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phone: 09 480 1067

Resolving conflict in relationships

Once the "honeymoon" is over, there is bound to be conflicts in relationships. This is normal in all relationships. Learning how to resolve conflicts, by being able to communicate compassionately is crucial in keeping the relationship alive and kicking.

Stephen May & Anita Wacker
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phone: 09 480 1067

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